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Renseignements détaillés sur les Géopolymères, allez à Institut Géopolymère
For detailed information on Geopolymers, go to Geopolymer Institute

– 23-30 August, Florence, Italy
International Congress of Egyptologists XI, organized by International Association of Egyptologists. We are presenting a communication titled: Non-destructive analysis on 11 Egyptian blue faience tiles from the II and III Dynasties, by J. Davidovits and F. Davidovits, Session 7, Material Culture, on August 25th at 11:45. Go to Florence-Program and to IAE-Egyptology.

– 06-8 July, Saint-Quentin, France
7th Geopolymer Camp 2015, Organized by the Geopolymer Institute;
International workshop on geopolymer science, technology and applications, as well as archaeology. Celebrating 36-year anniversary of the Geopolymer Institute.
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– April, Geopolymer Webinar Spring 2015 (Internet)
Join Professor Joseph Davidovits and listen to the Geopolymer WEBINAR Spring 2015 a free Web seminar of 2 x 3 hours course (in preparation).
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– 25-30 January, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA,
Organized by the American Ceramic Society,
ICACC’15 International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites.
Focused Session 1: Geopolymer and Chemically Bonded Ceramics.
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– 24-29 May, Hernstein, Austria
Geopolymers: The route to eliminate waste and emissions in ceramic and cement manufacturing.
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100.000 tonnes de Géopolymère: première mondiale

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