Joseph Davidovits

Ultimate Proofs Tiwanaku / Pumapunku Megaliths are Artificial Geopolymers

At the 10th Geopolymer Camp in 2018, Prof. Joseph Davidovits presented during his annual keynote a brief summary of his last studies on the Tiwanaku / Pumapunku Megaliths. In November 2017, an international team (a geologist from Universidad San Pablo at Arequipa, Peru and a member of the Geopolymer Institute) went on the site to carry on a survey on these stones. After different analysis on thin sections and under an electronic microscope, Joseph Davidovits claims that he has found « organic matter in volcanic rock« , which is, by nature, impossible.

Watch the last 7 minutes of his keynote on Youtube or at the Geopolymer Institute Website.

More detailed information is coming soon, just after the publication of a proper scientific paper with lots of pictures, and references.


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