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Revenge for ridiculed scientists: 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The revenge of the ridiculed scientists.
In September 2006, my article Publish or Perish: the disease of scientific research highlighted how the 2005 Nobel Prize winners in Medicine had been forbidden for years to publish the results of their research, simply because they contradicted what was taught in the faculties world-wide, and accepted by the majority of the scientific community at that time. The recent 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Daniel Schechtman, experienced a situation even more vexing. When in 1982, thirty years ago, he made his discovery of quasicrystals, the research institution that hosted him fired him because he …
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Fairy tales on how I invented the geopolymers

In the USA, and consequently in the English scientific journals, my invention of the geopolymer chemistry in the years 1970-80 is narrated like a fairy tale. According to it, it was during my study of the pyramids of Egypt that, Eureka, I got this intuition. In America, the fundamental and applied researches on geopolymers are funded, since 2002, by the US Air Force who finances several laboratories in the USA as well as in Australia. Indeed, in its June 2006 issue of Technology Horizons, Research for America’s future , scientists of the Air Force Research Laboratory write :


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Publish or Perish: the disease of scientific research

Last year, the Nobel Prize of medicine and physiology 2005 was awarded jointly to Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, two Australian researchers who discovered the role of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori in the formation of stomach or duodenum ulcers. Before Marshall and Warren identify this bacterium, at the beginning of the Eighties, way of life and stress were considered as the principal causes of ulcers. It is now common knowledge that Helicobacter pylori is implied in 90% of the ulcers.

It was in Perth, Western Australia, at the Royal Perth Hospital and the University of Western Australia, very far away …
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The scientist and the sacred texts

2nd International Conference on Chemistry and its Applications, December 7-10, 2003, Doha, Qatar.

Today is Monday December 8, 2003, 9 am, at the University of Doha, Qatar, a wealthy small country located at the North-East of Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. I am attending the 2nd International Conference on Chemistry and its Applications. More than 350 scientists from the Arab countries attend this congress. They come from the Persian Gulf (Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain), Iran, Iraq (although the country is in war), Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The conference language is English. I am …
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