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100,000 tonnes Geopolymer Concrete: world premiere

Toowoomba, Brisbane West Wellcamp airport, Australia #Wellcamp747

Australia, October 2015.Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (BWWA), Toowoomba, Queensland, is Australia’s first greenfield public airport to be built in 48 years. BWWA became fully operational with commercial flights operated by Qantas Link in November 2014.

30 years after my invention of Geopolymer cement in USA, at Lone Star Industries (Pyrament cement), this project marks a very significant milestone in engineering – the world’s largest geopolymer concrete project, so far. BWWA was built with approximately 40,000 m3 (100,000 tonnes) of geopolymer concrete making it the largest application of this new class of concrete in the world. The geopolymer concrete developed …
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Conferences 2015

Renseignements détaillés sur les Géopolymères, allez à Institut Géopolymère
For detailed information on Geopolymers, go to Geopolymer Institute

– 23-30 August, Florence, Italy
International Congress of Egyptologists XI, organized by International Association of Egyptologists. We are presenting a communication titled: Non-destructive analysis on 11 Egyptian blue faience tiles from the II and III Dynasties, by J. Davidovits and F. Davidovits, Session 7, Material Culture, on August 25th at 11:45. Go to Florence-Program and to IAE-Egyptology.

– 06-8 July, Saint-Quentin, France
7th Geopolymer Camp 2015, Organized by the Geopolymer Institute;
International workshop on geopolymer science, technology …
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Conferences 2012

4 December, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Geopolymer Science

Organized by CERAM and Materials KTN / UK  titled: Applications of Geopolymers.

I am presenting a conference as Invited Keynote speaker titled “State of Geopolymer 2012”.

Venue: CERAM, Stoke-on-Trent

for detail go to: https://www.eventsforce.net/iom/frontend/reg/thome.csp?pageID=135744&eventID=313&eventID=313

9-11 Juillet/ July, Saint-Quentin, France
Geopolymer Science and Archaeology
Science des Géopolymères + Archéologie

Geopolymer Camp,
Organized by the Geopolymer Institute,
International workshop on geopolymer science, technology and applications, as well as archaeology. Celebrating 33-year anniversary of the Geopolymer Institute.
Allez à (go to) GeopolymerCamp

24 Mai, Evry, Essonne 

conférence organisée l’UTL-Essonne (Université du Temps Libre)
Au …
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Geopolymer Revolution on the Move

I am happy to see how Geopolymer science, which I founded 33 years ago, is generating applications and innovations dedicated to the general public. BASF, the world Chemical Company is strongly promoting geopolymer technology. In an older post posted in the Geopolymer Institute on 24 March, 2011, we introduced the geopolymer grout PCI-GEOFUG (go to BASF). Meanwhile, the company presents it at various international fairs and expositions, starting from Germany over UK, and presently in Paris, at BATIMAT (8 Nov., 2011). It is interesting to follow the arguments outlined in the company technical brochures dedicated to this geopolymer grout …
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Conferences 2010

7-10 December, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India
Geopolymer Science dedicated to building materials
Science des Géopolymères destinée aux matériaux du bâtiment
+ Pyramids

Organized by the Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, Annamalai University

– 7. December: International Workshop on GeopolymerCements and Concretes

  1. Geopolymer Cement (chaired by Prof. J. Davidovits)
  2. Geopolymer Concrete (Chaired by Prof. V.J. Rangan)
  3. Geopolymer Bricks (LTGS) (chaired by Prof. J. Davidovits)

for information go to India Workshop
– 8 December: 7th Structural Engineering Convention (SEC 2010)
I am presenting a Keynote lecture on Geopolymer Science dedicated to building materials.
– 9 December: Public Conference “Why the …
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