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Pyramids — Deep Misleading analysis on the “Lauer Sample”.

Hundreds of thousands of people have read articles and seen videos on the internet dealing with the pyramids of Egypt having been constructed from geopolymer concrete. The arguments of the opponents are always based on the same papers written by American geologists, published 15 to 30 years ago. The most cited study shown in the videos at YouTube is the analysis carried on the “Lauer Sample” by the American petrologist D. Jana, published in 2007. It is time to put an end to this pseudo-science.

What is the Lauer sample?

The controversy concerns the analysis performed on a sample of …
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Wrong statement on Pyramids of Bosnia

I wrote in my main article dedicated to the Bosnian Pyramids an update stating that: “According to our information, we believe that the sample of concrete that I have examined under the electron microscope comes from a type of cistern or water tank (the drilling report is mentioning a concrete “ceiling” and an empty space of 4 meters depth followed by a “concrete” floor, see the pdf below). The geopolymer concrete analyzed is a kind of Roman concrete, which in no way corresponds to the materials that constitute the casing of the pyramids and look like pudding stone. Consequently,
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Le fiasco de la mini-pyramide de NOVA

Depuis quelques semaines, plusieurs forums internet discutent de mon intervention dans un documentaire réalisé en 1991 par la chaine américaine PBS, pour la fameuse émission de vulgarisation scientifique “NOVA” intitulé: This Old Pyramid. L’objectif de NOVA était l’illustration des différentes techniques proposées par les experts dans la construction des pyramides d’Égypte. NOVA avait pour cela décidé de construire, à Guizeh, une mini-pyramide, selon les “techniques anciennes”. J’ai relaté mon expérience dans plusieurs de mes livres: Ils ont bâti les Pyramides (2002), La Nouvelle histoire des pyramides (2004 et 2006) et Why the Pharaohs built the Pyramids with Fake Stones
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NOVA mini-pyramid: fiasco and swindle

In recent weeks, several internet forums discuss my involvement in a documentary made in 1991 by the American channel PBS, famous for it popular science program “NOVA” and entitled This Old Pyramid. The objective of NOVA was the illustration of different techniques proposed by experts in the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. NOVA had decided to build at Giza, a mini-pyramid, according to the “old techniques”. I related my experience in several of my books: in French (Ils ont bâti les pyramides, 2002; La nouvelle histoire des pyramides, 2004 and 2006) and in English more recently …
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Error or forgery on the Stele of Merneptah, known as Israel Stele

The objectives of this article are twofold. First of all, it presents one information omitted in Chapter 11 of my last book in French language De cette fresque naquit la Bible (The Lost Fresco and the Bible ). Then, it denounces an error, or more probably the forgery of an archaeological document of the greatest importance.

The stele of Merneptah contains the oldest mention of Israel in an extra-biblical document. Flinders Petrie discovered it in 1896, at Thebes, Egypt, in Merneptah’s mortuary temple. Merneptah …
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