Conferences 2013

15-16 October, WEBINAR, Fall 2013.
Geopolymer Science

Free Geopolymer Web Workshop Organized by the Geopolymer Institute. Details at Geopolymer Institute

21-21 September, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy: Sardinia Green Days Conference
Geopolymer Science

Organized by University of Sassari. International Symposium on Green Chemistry. The title of my conference is “Low CO2 geopolymer cements with Sardinian geological and waste materials”. For details go to Green Chemistry

8-10 Juillet/ July, Saint-Quentin, France
Geopolymer Science and Archaeology
Science des Géopolymères + Archéologie

Geopolymer Camp,
Organized by the Geopolymer Institute,
International workshop on geopolymer science, technology and applications, as well as archaeology. Celebrating 34-year anniversary of the Geopolymer Institute.
Allez à (go to) GeopolymerCamp

29 May, University “Parthenope”, Napoli, Italy.
Geopolymer Science

Organized by Dipartimento per le Tecnologie – Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Napoli ‘Parthenope’. 

16-17 April, WEBINAR 2013.
Geopolymer Science

This is the first Free Geopolymer Web seminar Organized by the Geopolymer Institute. Details at Geopolymer Institute


Pyramide: le paléomagnétisme démontre la nature artificielle des pierres.


Wrong statement on Pyramids of Bosnia

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