Joseph Davidovits

Mois : octobre 2009

My book on Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications

Update on November 29, 2015
Thousands of books sold since 2008 all over the world. Half are sold to libraries and public laboratories, and half to the industry. I am proud to release the new 4th edition. The book is now a « must have » and a « must read » to anybody who wants to enter into this science.

Update on October 24, 2009
More than 400 laboratories, worldwide, purchased the book so far. It has been coined « The Geopolymer Science Bible ». We plane to discuss the opportunity of implementing the 3rd Edition, during the next GEOPOLYMER CAMP scheduled for July 5-6, 2010, in Saint Quentin, France (see at GeopolymerCamp.)   Lire la suite... / Read more...

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