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Mois : septembre 2009

The Lost Fresco and the Bible (my new book in French)

I am presenting my 5th book on the Egyptian civilization, here in connection with the Bible, published by Éditions Jean-Cyrille Godefroy, Paris, ISBN 978-2-86553-216-2

Released on: 29 september 2009

In 1935 in Karnak, in Egypt, two French Egyptologists discover a fresco in the ruins of the memorial temple of Amenophis (Amenhotep) Son of Hapu, the most eminent scribe and scientist of ancient Egypt, Great chancellor of the Pharaon Amenhotep III, father of the monotheist Pharaon Akhenaton. Recently, 75 years later, I noted that the text of this fresco was reproduced word for word in the Bible, Genesis 41, when Pharaon installs the biblical Patriarch Joseph to rule over all Egypt. Royal scribe Amenophis Son of Hapu and the Patriarch Joseph are thus the same person. Moreover, the fresco contains a surprising detail which underlines its authenticity. Indeed, in Genesis 41, Pharaon names Joseph: çaphenat-paneah (sapnath-panéakh), a name which does not mean anything in Hebrew. Indeed, I discovered that çaphenat-paneah is the Egyptian name Amenophis Fils of Hapou, written reversely, from left to right, the hebrew language being written from right to left. The surprising detail in the fresco is that, precisely, the Egyptian name Amenophis is also written in hieroglyph reversely, from left to right, instead of from right to left like the rest of the text. There is thus absolute agreement between the fresco text and the Bible.   Lire la suite... / Read more...

Livre: Et De Cette Fresque Naquit la Bible

Voici mon 5ème livre publié par les Éditions Jean-Cyrille Godefroy, Paris, ISBN 978-2-86553-216-2

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Publiée le: 29 septembre 2009

En 1935 à Karnak, en Égypte, deux égyptologues français découvrent une fresque en piteux état dans les ruines du temple mémorial d’Aménophis (Amenhotep) Fils de Hapou,le plus éminent scribe et savant de l’Égypte, grand chancelier du pharaon Amenhotep III, père du pharaon monothéiste Akhenaton.   Lire la suite... / Read more...

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